Dr. Sabine Soltani

Postdoctoral Fellow

Sabine’s interest in psychology was sparked while completing her BA in Communications Studies at the University of Calgary. After working as a Communications Specialist for several years, she returned to school and earned her BA in Psychology (First Class Honours) at the University of Calgary, followed by her MA in Clinical Psychology at the University of Regina. Sabine recently completed her PhD at the University of Calgary under the mentorship of Dr. Melanie Noel, and she completed her pre-doctoral residency with the Calgary Clinical Psychology Residency program. She is excited to be able to continue her work with Dr. Noel and the ABC Pain Research Lab as a Postdoctoral Fellow.

Sabine’s research has broadly focused on attentional biases, cognitive factors, and dispositional constructs underlying psychopathology across the lifespan. Her dissertation research focused on the role of cognitive-affective mechanisms underlying the co-occurrence of chronic pain and internalizing mental health disorders in youth. Her clinical experience includes working with adults and youth with a range of presenting concerns, with a particular emphasis on mood and anxiety disorders, chronic pain, and the intersection between mental and physical health.
B.A. in Communications Studies, University of Calgary
B.A. in Psychology (First Class Honours), University of Calgary
MA in Clinical Psychology, University of Regina
PhD in Clinical Psychology, University of Calgary