Jaimie Beveridge

PhD Student

Originally from Victoria, Jaimie completed her BA (Hons) in Psychology at Dalhousie University in Halifax. After graduating, she worked in the Centre for Pediatric Pain Research with Dr. Christine Chambers before moving to Calgary to join the PEAK Research Lab.

Jaimie is broadly interested in the interrelationships between trauma, chronic pain, and mental health as well as the intergenerational transmission of risk for chronic pain. Her research aims to improve our understanding of the role that both parents and trauma or adversity can play in pediatric chronic pain. Her Master’s research examined adverse childhood experiences in parents of youth with chronic pain including their prevalence and association with the physical and mental health of parents and youth. Her doctoral research will examine factors that predict risk and resiliency in children whose parents have chronic pain.

BA (Hons) in Psychology, Dalhousie University
MSc in Clinical Psychology, University of Calgary