Jamie Kaufhold

Honours Student

Jamie was born in Konstanz, Germany, and was raised in Calgary, Canada. He has completed a Bachelor of Architectural Technologies & Construction Management from VIA University College in Denmark, has a Diploma in Architectural Technologies from SAIT Polytechnic, and has worked at various architectural firms in Calgary. During his travels, he was introduced to a diverse range of people, ideas, and qualities of life, which influenced him to study psychology. He is currently in his third year, at the University of Calgary, majoring in Psychology, and intends to pursue graduate studies in Clinical Psychology. He is excited to continue to learn and gain experience through the mentorship of Dr. Melanie Noel, Dr. Katie Birnie, and the ABC Pain Research Lab. Jamie is interested in how trauma, pain, and mental health disorders relate to ideological belief systems/narrative structures that influence behavior, memory, and metaphysics.

When he is not working or studying, he can be found reading, drawing, running, and hiking. He has also traveled extensively and is always looking for new countries where he can backpack. 

Bachelor of Architectural Technologies and Construction Management, VIA University College
Diploma in Architectural Technologies