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Queenie Li (She/Her)

MSc Student

Queenie’s interest in psychology grew from her professional sales experience, where she found that connecting with clients about their wellbeing was often the most meaningful part of her work. She was inspired to pursue further education in mental health and therapy, then became quickly captivated by the potential of research. Queenie is passionate about finding ways that we can live better together. She believes a key to achieving thriving communities is to support those in the most vulnerable positions, including children and marginalized individuals. As such, her breadth of research experience in psychology, public health, and education is connected by a focus on advocacy and justice. Queenie aspires to work as a clinical psychologist who specializes in sociopolitical influences on development and multicultural psychology.

BSc (Hons) in Psychology & Women’s Studies, University of Calgary
BSc in Biology, McGill University

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