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Vi Riddell Pain Program

This program-wide evaluation includes the majority of youth and parents seen in our chronic pain programs at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. 


Youth and their parents complete an assessment battery to assess pain, emotional, physical and behavioral functioning, and economic costs at multiple time points, for up to three years.

A unique feature of this project is that it also doubles as clinical information since clinicians can review responses (for those patients who consent to this) and have it inform clinical care.

Our research lab is located within the Vi Riddell Children’s Pain and Rehabilitation Centre at Alberta Children’s Hospital. The chronic pain programs include Headache, Complex Pain and Abdominal Pain Clinics.

For more information about clinical services:

The Vi Riddell Pain Program also hosts a one-of-a-kind Intensive Pain Rehabilitation Program (IPRP) for youth with chronic pain.

As part of the program, patients and their parents complete a multi-wave assessment battery. In addition, prior to the start of the program and at discharge, participants are invited to undergo an MRI. The aim of this project is to assess neurobiological changes in youth following the IPRP and to identify neurobiological mechanisms underlying those changes. 

Pain is real. Change the conversation.

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