Early interventions for pain can reduce chronic pain progression, severity, disability, and costs. 

Virtual Tools for Chronic Pain

Engagement in self-management strategies are critical, and virtual care interventions can assist with daily management of chronic pain.

The issue:

With the COVID-19 pandemic, access to treatment and care has been disrupted, affecting how youth can manage their pain day-to-day. Access to care was a problem before the pandemic, and needs to be addressed now.

What we found:

We found many evidence-based virtual care interventions for children's chronic pain and many more will soon be tested and available. 

What's next:

We are working with youth and their families to develop a Kids’ Pain Portal, which will link youth and their families to free, evidence-based education and treatments for pain and mental health. This online portal will use a stepped care model, to ensure families have on-demand access to tools and resources, anywhere and anytime, where different levels of need will be linked with different modalities of care.

Pain is real. Change the conversation.