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#ParlerPeutChangerDouleur Nous pouvons façonner nos souvenirs d'expériences douloureuses... Lire la suite

#TalkingCanChangePain  Research shows us that a special way of talking to your child can change pain. Show me!


Taking the power away from pain.

Pain is real.

Let's change the conversation.

PEAK harnesses the collective superpowers of people with lived experience, researchers, clinicians, and collaborators to:

Create new pathways for children's memories for pain and pain experiences to become more positive.

Study and understand thoughts, feelings, and behaviours and how they shape pain experiences over time.

Champion improvement

in children's pain management while learning from and helping families touched by pain.

What inspires our work?

We are changemakers and relationship builders.

We incorporate research and collaboration for better understanding and better solutions for kids and families living with pain, now. More about us.

Special areas of focus help us define our research and the root of pain.

Choose an area to explore our work

Choose an area to explore our work

Collaborations: at the heart of our success.

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PEAK team

Thank you friends.

" I believe that my pain throughout adulthood stems from my pain as a child. A better understanding and management of pain in childhood through this research has life-long effects in having a better quality of life."

Person with lived experience and Collaborator

We understand ourselves, our pain, and ourselves with pain through stories and our relationships with others. Exploring these aspects of pain through our research is exciting and rewarding, and will lead to a better understanding of pain and what can be done about it.

Person with lived experience and Collaborator

We don't like talking about pain. We don't like remembering pain. And--when done right--talking about past pain can be transformative and healing. We are changing the conversation about pain to alter pain and health trajectories. 

PEAK Team Member/PhD Student

Meet the champions
UC Mel and girls 5x4000.jpg

Dr. Melanie Noel

Join us! Let's change the conversation.
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